Top 10 Best Cheapest Ink Cartridges in 2021 Reviews


A printer is among the most valuable office equipment as it will come in handy for everything from printing to scanning and copying. However, like any other office equipment, using one comes with several costs. Key among these costs is having to buy ink cartridges now and then when the machine runs out of ink.

But, the good news is that you will not need to spend a fortune on ink cartridges as there are many cheap options in the market. Contrary to what some people might assume, cheap ink cartridges are not always low-quality or with shorter service life.

There are some excellent quality ink cartridges out there that you can get for a small budget. Some of these budget cartridges can even outlast and outperform other more expensive ones. Below we review some of this fantastic quality but affordable ink cartridges.

List of The Best Cheapest Ink Cartridges in 2021 on

#1. Canon PG-243 Cartridge

1. Canon PG-243 Cartridge
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Canon PG-243 is a great black ink cartridge that offers complete compatibility as it will be ideal for a wide variety of Canon printers. Besides compatibility, it uses pigment-based ink formula that will not only keep the black prints as dark as possible but also last long enough. The ink will also not smudge, and you can be sure of crisp prints, thanks to the unique nozzle design.

Overall, this cartridge has a relatively higher capacity for its price and will hence make printing more cost-effective for you, provided you have a compatible model. And when it comes to the installation, the design of the cartridge makes things fast and easy for you, and it will hardly take you more than 5 minutes to replace the cartridge.


  • Pigment-based ink formula
  • Fully compatible cartridge
  • Unique nozzle engineering
  • Higher capacity
  • Smudge-free ink
  • Easy to install


  • Low ink light comes on before it is empty
  • Quality control seems a bit lacking

#2. HP 62 2 Ink Cartridges Black, Tri-color

2. HP 62 2 Ink Cartridges Black, Tri-color
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Because these HP cartridges come as a 2-pack, they will be even more economical, which makes them the perfect choice for a budget shopper. Also, they will include both black and tricolor cartridges to ensure you have ink for both black and color printing. And because you can get this ink with both the Amazon and HP replenishment service, you will never run out of ink unknowingly.

The cartridges will deliver a yield of up to 200 pages, which is high enough for their size and price. Because these are original HP printer cartridge, you will also get the peace of not always getting a reminder from your printer that you are not using original ink. And to crown it all up, the cartridges are easy and quick to install.


  • 2-pack gives you even better value for cash
  • Includes both black and tricolor ink
  • Available for ink replenishment service
  • High enough yield
  • Fairly easy installation


  • Cartridges do not have a lot of ink
  • Low ink message pops when there is still some ink the cartridges

#3. Epson T288420-S Standard Capacity Cartridge Ink

3. Epson T288420-S Standard Capacity Cartridge Ink
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The standard capacity Epson T288420-S cartridge ink is designed to ensure a worry-free paper handling when printing. Besides providing prints that are smudge and fade-free, this ink will ensure they are also water-resistant. And apart from the print quality is top-notch, the individual cartridge design is also highly convenient as you can replace just the color you want.

Overall the ink cartridges are OEM, and they are as good as what you get with your Epson machine when new. The OEM-quality also means they will fit perfectly and will also be very easy to install. Many users will also love that the ink dries much faster when printing and that it delivers more vibrant color for high-quality documents.


  • Smudge and fade-free ink
  • Delivers water-resistant prints
  • Convenient individual cartridge design
  • OEM-quality ink
  • Instant drying
  • Delivers vibrant print color


  • Limited cartridge compatibility

#4. Canon PG-210XL Cartridge

4. Canon PG-210XL Cartridge
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Canon PG-210XL is a low-profile cartridge that will ensure you have an easy time installing it into your Canon printer. This Canon ink uses FINE technology to ensure that you will get the finest print quality. And besides the prints being smudge-resistant, they will also have extra sharp black text for superior readability.

You can also be sure you will print lots of pages before you run out of ink as these cartridges are designed to deliver a superior yield of up to 400 pages. And there is no paper or ink wastage when using this cartridge, which will ensure you get the best value for your money. One more thing that printer users will love is that the prints are fade-resistant.


  • Low profile cartridge design
  • Extra sharp black text
  • Up to 400 pages yield
  • Fine cartridge technology
  • Fade-resistant prints
  • Delivers smudge-resistant texts


  • Premature, low ink signaling when there is still plenty of ink

#5. Canon CL-246 Cartridge

5. Canon CL-246 Cartridge
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You will hardly ever go wrong with Canon, whether you are buying their printers or accessories like the Canon CL-246 Cartridge, as they are one of the most reputable brands out there. What makes this such a special ink cartridge is that it uses dry-based ink formula that will ensure you get some fantastic print colors.

With the FINE technology, the nozzle on this cartridge will also ensure that your prints will be top quality with just the right amount of ink to prevent smudging. And by buying from Canon, you will get access to exclusive content from them, which means you get much more besides ink. Also, the cartridge will fit a wide variety of printers and will install fast and easily.


  • Dye-based ink formula
  • FINE nozzle technology
  • Comes with exclusive Canon premium content access
  • Installs fast and easily
  • Works for a wide variety of printers


  • Yield needs improvement
  • Cost per page is still a little high

#6. Epson T220520-S Ultra Color Combo Pack

6. Epson T220520-S Ultra Color Combo Pack
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Because this is genuine-quality Epson ink that is made to meet OEM standard to ensure your printer will print as good as it did when you first bought it. Because the cartridges come in an individual design, they will make replacements easy and even more cost-effective as you can quickly replace the empty one.

The prints that you will get are water-resistant and are also designed to be fade and smudge-free to ensure the documents maintain superior quality for a long time. And unlike other replacement cartridges, these will deliver more vibrant colors for maximum detail, and the ink dries instantly.


  • Genuine Epson ink
  • Individual design is quite convenient
  • Water-resistant prints
  • Fade and smudge-free
  • Dries instantly
  • Outstanding prints with vibrant color


  • Some Epson printers seem to reject the cartridge
  • Relatively smaller yield

#7. Epson T098120 Cartridge Ink

7. Epson T098120 Cartridge Ink
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The high-capacity Epson T098120 is a high-quality cartridge ink that will ensure that besides printing lots of paper before you need to add more ink, you will also get excellent color detail, which is what makes it perfect for photos. This high-definition ink will also help bring out all the detail in your photos and other prints.

The prints that you get are smudge and water-resistant, and they will also not fade or scratch easily, which makes them more long-lasting when compared to what other inks deliver. And with every print that you make or even photo out of your printer when using this color, you can be sure of getting unsurpassed richness and depth.


  • Great color detailed for photo printing
  • High-definition ink
  • Smudge and water-resistant
  • Fade and scratch-resistant
  • Unsurpassed richness and depth


  • Can sometimes be quite hard to find

#8. Canon PG-40 CL-41 Cartridge Set

8. Canon PG-40 CL-41 Cartridge Set
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The FINE nozzle technology is always a fantastic feature to get on your ink cartridge as it will make sure you get the finest print quality. With it as the highlight of this printer, you can be sure you will never have to stress about the quality of your prints, whether they are documents or photos.

What’s more, this ink has a shelf life of up to 2 years, which will allow you to buy it in bulk when the prices are lower or when you get an offer. The prints will not smudge, and neither will they fade nor scratch easily. Overall, the ink will deliver a relatively higher yield when compared to other brands, and it has broader printer compatibility.


  • FINE nozzle technology
  • Long shelf life
  • Super easy to install
  • Does not fade or scratch easily
  • Delivers a relatively higher yield
  • Wide printer compatibility


  • Poor packaging
  • Some printer models seem to use it up quite fast

#9. Epson T702XL120-S High Capacity Cartridge Ink

9. Epson T702XL120-S High Capacity Cartridge Ink
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There are different things that users will love about these ink cartridges, but the fact that they are smudge and fade-free is what makes them such a fantastic product as this ensures the documents maintain readability for a long time. Better yet, the prints will be complete water-resistant to ensure you never have to worry about your ink washing out.

You can buy this ink with confidence that it will be superior quality as it is a genuine Epson product. And because these are individual cartridges, you will always have an easy time when it comes to replacement as you only need to change the empty one. What’s more, the cartridges fit perfectly, and they will make installation a breeze.


  • Smudge and fade-free ink
  • Water-resistant prints
  • Genuine Epson ink
  • Individual cartridges are more convenient
  • Accurate low ink indicator
  • Fits perfectly and is easy to install


  • Limited printer compatibility

#10. Brother LC1013PKS Ink Cartridges

10. Brother LC1013PKS Ink Cartridges
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The up to 300 pages per cartridge yield is one of the most impressive elements of the Brother LC1013PKS, and it will ensure you get great value for money as you can do lots of printing before you run out of ink. This Brother cartridge is designed explicitly for their printers, and besides integrating with them seamlessly, it will also work for a wide variety of brands.

With this cartridge, you can also be sure of getting some vibrant colors when printing. Again, this high-quality ink will not fade or smudge easily. And when it comes to replacing the cartridges, the process is straightforward.


  • Up to 300 pages per cartridge yield
  • Works seamlessly with Brother printers
  • Delivers vibrant colors
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Does not smudge or fade easily


  • Low ink indicator comes on when there is still a lot of ink
  • Ink dries quickly in case the cartridge is left open


Cheap ink cartridges do not have to be low-quality, and neither do they have to give you a low yield. The fantastic options on our list prove this. Besides being some of the best in the market, they are quite affordable.

From this list, the Canon PG-243 Cartridge is our top recommendation if you have a Canon printer while the HP 62 2 Ink Cartridges Black, Tri-color is the perfect choice for those that use HP.


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