Top 10 Best Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen in 2021

Best Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

As a vlogger, whether you are doing it for fun, marketing stuff, or even a profession, your camera is perhaps the most vital tool you will need. A good camera allows you to record some high-quality video and other functionalities like video sharing capability.

Most are also multifunctional to eliminate the need to invest in several different machines.
That said, good cameras for vlogging can sometimes be quite pricey. However, there are still some top-notch but cheap ones in the market, and you need to find one.

Here, we look at some of these inexpensive vlogging cameras with flip screens that you can use to kickstart or take your vlogging career a notch higher.

List of The Best Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

1. Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera

Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

Sony ZV-1 is our best overall vlogging camera with a flip screen as it is a high-quality product from a top brand that has been made explicitly for content creators and vloggers. This premium quality camera has everything you need for vlogging, and you can always be sure of recording some excellent quality video and an easy time sharing.

It has a high continuous shooting speed and provides superfast focus in just 0.03 seconds so that you never miss anything. Unlike traditional cameras, where you have to block your face to focus on a product, it makes things easier for you as it shifts focus from the face to the product automatically. Additionally, it can keep the face bright regardless of the lighting conditions and is guaranteed to provide excellent sound quality.


  • High continuous shooting speeds
  • Quick switch between modes
  • Keeps face bright in any light conditions
  • Superfast focus
  • Great sound quality
  • Simple product focus


  • A little complicated for newbies

2. Kicteck Full HD Camcorder Digital Camera Recorder

Kicteck Full HD Camcorder Digital Camera Recorder Buy now from Amazon

For the budding vloggers looking to spend the least amount of cash on their vlogging camera without compromising the quality they get, this model is perfect. Besides being highly affordable, you can use this multifunctional camera for way much more than just recording fantastic videos.

You can always be sure of getting some superior quality videos with this camera as it has a wide variety of functions to ensure this. They include a built-in fill light, anti-shaking design, and 16X digital zoom. What’s more, this camera supports a pause function to ensure you can save and continue recording the same file later. Additionally, it can accommodate an external light and tripod for even more user convenience.


  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Anti-shaking design
  • Built-in fill light
  • Supports pause function
  • Accommodates external light and tripod


  • Shorter battery life

3. Actinow Video Camera Camcorder

Actinow Video Camera Camcorder Buy now from Amazon

With a large enough 3-inch LED screen with an excellent resolution, this camera will make shooting all your vlogs easier. Additionally, the screen can rotate up to 270-degrees to allow you to choose from various angles with much ease. Better still, there is a remote control that makes wireless operation possible and ensures you hardly ever need to touch the camera once you set it up to start recording.

The multiple webcam functions will also impress most vloggers as they mean you can easily record your videos and share them in real-time on platforms like Youtube. With this camera, going live should be much easier. One more thing vloggers will love is that it has a pause function that allows you to continue later from where you stop.


  • Large enough LED screen
  • 270-degree rotating screen
  • Remote control included
  • Multiple webcam functions
  • Allows you to pause files


  • Battery life could be better
  • Should include at least USB 3.0

4. Cedita Digital Camera Vlogging Camera

Cedita Digital Camera Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

For the vloggers that shoot most of their content on the go, a compact and lightweight camera like this one will be perfect as you can carry it to almost anywhere. Besides portability, this camera also shoots in high resolution, and you can be confident of getting some impressive quality images and videos. Better still, it has an anti-shake function that allows for more stability when recording.

Since this camera can record when charging, you never have to worry about running out of charge in the middle of a shoot. Additionally, the camera is multi-function since it has various functionalities like smile capture. Other things that vloggers will love include the retractable flashlight and remote control.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Shoots in high resolution
  • Anti-shake function
  • Can record when charging
  • Multifunction for increased versatility
  • Retractable flashlight
  • Remote control includes


  • The limited screen rotation angle
  • Not suitable for streaming

5. Aabeloy Camcorder Video Camera

Aabeloy Camcorder Video Camera Buy now from Amazon

This camera’s high resolution is what seems to give it an edge over many other cheap vlogging cameras with flip screens. The camera can record videos with a resolution of 1080P and 30FPS, which is fantastic for its price. Also, the screen rotates up to 270-degrees to allow you to record from almost any angle you want.

Since this camera supports an LED fill light, you never have to worry about the typical issues with shooting in areas with poor lighting. Also, there is a built-in speaker for video playback without having to use headphones. What’s more, the camera supports AV output for easy video sharing and comes with remote control for simple operation.


  • 1080P 30FPS resolution videos
  • 270-degree rotating screen
  • Supports LED fill light
  • Built-in speaker
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Supports AV output
  • Multiple functionality


  • Battery life needs improvement

6. SUNLEO Digital Vlogging Camera

SUNLEO Digital Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

Any camera with a full-frame screen always works great for vlogging. Hence with the 3-inch one on this model that can rotate up to 180-degrees, you are sure of an easy time recording. Additionally, there is a retractable flashlight on the camera that allows for easy recording in areas with dim lighting. Better yet, the camera has face detection and smile shooting functions that will give vloggers an even easier time.

Adjusting the different settings on this camera should be a breeze. It includes a simplified menu that is easy to navigate, and many users only take a few minutes to master everything. Overall, the camera is built to last with a sturdy and highly durable design and materials. What’s more, it supports up to 2.7K video recording and has a camera resolution of 30 MP.


  • Full frame screen
  • Retractable flashlight
  • Face detection and smile shooting
  • Easy to use the menu
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Support 2.7K videos


  • Smaller battery capacity
  • Overall aesthetics are not the best

7. Lincom Tech Point and Shoot Camera

Lincom Tech Point and Shoot Camera Buy now from Amazon

Besides recording videos, many vloggers also love taking photos for their channels, and with the 48 MP camera in this model, you can be sure of always getting some fantastic images. The camera also records some excellent videos as it has 2.7K recording capability. Also, it works great as a webcam, and you only need to connect it to a computer. Additionally, it also has the pause function.

Recording in dim or low light conditions should not be problematic for you when using this came as it has a built-in flashlight. Users also love the 1,500 mAh battery as it has a large enough capacity to provide up to 2 hours of continuous use. And since this is a multifunctional camera, it will be helpful in various things like scene selection and filtering what you record.


  • High camera resolution
  • Compact and portable
  • Works great as a webcam
  • Support pause function
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Larger capacity battery
  • Multifunctijnal design


  • Zoom could be better

8. Weton Digital Camera Camcorder

Weton Digital Camera Camcorder Buy now from Amazon

One of the main determinants of the quality of the videos you record is seeing when recording, but this should not be an issue with this model. The camera includes a large and clear screen that can tile up to 180 degrees to allow you to see your recording better. Also, shooting in low light conditions should be much easier since this camera includes a built-in flashlight.

The 1080p video resolution and 24 MP camera ensure you get some fantastic quality images and videos. Also, many users love that the design is more beginner-friendly as it allows anyone to record and share on all major social media platforms. The camera is built to last with a sturdy and durable design, and it includes some powerful batteries and is easy to handle.


  • Makes it easy to see what you are recording
  • Great for use in dim conditions
  • High enough video resolution
  • More beginner-friendly design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Powerful batteries
  • Easy to handle design


  • Buttons are not very sensitive
  • Needs better instructions

9. Sereer Digital Vlogging Camera

Sereer Digital Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

The video resolution you get from this camera is more than enough for simple vlogging videos. The camera can record up to 2.7K videos and shoot fantastic images with a 30 MP resolution. Also, there is a retractable flashlight that allows you to record even when in low light condition, which can be super convenient for any vlogger.

Overall, this camera is super easy to use for beginners as there is nothing much to do when setting it up, and all the buttons and functionalities are easy to figure out. The functions include face detection, anti-shake, one-ket mute, and continuous shooting. Moreover, the camera works very well as a computer webcam, and you never have to worry about running out of charge as you can still use it as it charges.


  • Excellent video resolution
  • Shoots well in low light conditions
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Records when charging
  • Works well as a webcam
  • Variety of features for versatility


  • Seems to have a few quality issues
  • Not very suitable for professional use

10. Rosdeca Digital Vlogging Camera

Rosdeca Digital Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

The wide-angle lens on this Rosdeca camera ensures you never miss anything when recording your videos. With this lens, you get to capture a wide area, which is just what you want when recording your vlogs. Additionally, this camera also works great as a webcam and will be ideal for streaming your videos on social media.

Overall it feels well made with solid housing to guarantee many years of service. And despite being a budget model, it has WiFi connectivity to make it easy to pair the camera with other devices. Also, connecting it to your TV is much easier with the HDMI output. What’s more, the camera supports an external mic and LED lights and has various interesting features like face detection, self-timer, and continuous shooting.


  • Wide-angle lens
  • WiFi functionality
  • Works great as a webcam
  • Solid housing
  • Variety of interesting features
  • Support external mic and lights
  • HDMI output


  • Not the best picture quality


Finding a cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen should not be a hectic task, given the many options out there. And with our comprehensive reviews above for recommendations, you only now need to decide the model that impresses you most.

With that in mind, the Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera is our best overall recommendation. On the other hand, the Kicteck Full HD Camcorder Digital Camera Recorder is perfect for vloggers looking to spend the least amount of cash.


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