10 Best Vlogging Camera Under 300 Reviews for 2021

Best Vlogging Camera Under 300

It is not always necessary to burn up a lot of cash to land a good vlogging camera, even if it is your career, as there are many cheap models out there. Contrary to what some might assume, cheap does not always mean inferior quality or limited functionality.

If you choose your camera well, you can still get something well-built that offers the same functionalities as the more expensive ones. However, you need to be extra careful when picking an inexpensive camera for vlogging, as you can easily land a cheap knockoff.

You have to take enough time shopping and compare what different brands have to offer. However, we do most of the job for you and bring a list of 10 of the best vlogging cameras you can get on a tight budget.

1. Safe and Perfect 4K Camcorder

Safe and Perfect 4K Camcorder Buy now from Amazon

If you want a budget vlogging camera that delivers exceptionally high-quality videos, this Safe and Perfect model is perfect as it records in 4K. With this camera, you get to record a 4K camera, and it also includes a lens hood that blocks off any excess light and further enhances the video quality you get. Better still, for the photos, it also does not disappoint as it has a 48 MP camera.

When it comes to connectivity, the camera includes WiFi to ensure you can easily pair it with other devices for streaming or even playing back the videos you record. Besides having multiple operating modes such as night mode and fill light, this camera allows you to switch between the modes quickly. You can also pause the videos when recording, and the camera has a built-in microphone.


  • Records realistic 4K videos
  • Hood lens included
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Easy switch between modes
  • Allows you to pause when recording
  • Built-in microphone
  • Includes multiple functions


  • Aerial connectors are not the best quality

2. Aasonida 1080P Digital Vlogging Camera

Aasonida 1080P Digital Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

If you want more flexibility when recording your vlogging videos, this camera will be an excellent buy for you. What makes it such as fantastic option is it offers a 270-degree screen rotation and includes various functionalities. Additionally, it can record 1080P resolution videos and consists of a 24 MP photo camera to ensure you capture some fantastic images.

Operating the camera should also be easy and convenient since it comes with remote control for wireless use. Better still, the sound quality is guaranteed to be up there since an external stereo microphone eliminates noise and improves audio stability. Other things like the self-timer for taking selfies and pause function make this an even better vlogging camera.


  • 270-degree rotating screen
  • Full HD video recording
  • Remote control included
  • External stereo microphone
  • Self-timer for selfies
  • Supports pause function


  • Microphone cord location is not well thought out
  • Zoom needs some improvement

3. Actinow YouTube Vlogging Camera

Actinow YouTube Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

If you do a lot of video recording at night, this Actinow camera will be a fantastic choice for you. What makes it such a good option for night recording is that it includes infrared night vision. This camera is also an excellent option for those who love taking selfies as it has a selfie timer that allows you to take some selfies with ease.

When recording, it is possible to pause the video and resume later on, which is very handy for working on large projects as it ensures you do not always have to start from scratch or record for many hours non-stop. You can also use this camera as a webcam by simply connecting it to your computer. Additionally, it includes a lens hood and camera holder and has both external and internal speakers.


  • Infrared night vision
  • Selfie timer
  • Supports the pause function
  • Usable as a webcam
  • Lens hood and camera holder included
  • 270-degree rotation


  • Remote should have more functions

4. LINNSE 4K Vlogging Camera

 LINNSE 4K Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

The remote control makes a camera more straightforward and convenient to use, and so the fact this model has one means video-recording and photo-taking is a breeze. Also, there is a built-in fill light that further enhances the quality of the recordings. Better still, you never have to worry about stability when recording or taking photos as this camera has an electronic anti-shake system.

Since there is a built-in microphone on the camera, you can also be sure that the sound you get will be top-notch. Additionally, this vlogging camera can work well as a webcam for your computer, and it includes an HD touchscreen that makes the operation a breeze. For those that love taking selfies, the self-timer and face detection functions will be very useful.


  • Remote control operation
  • Built-in LED fill light
  • Electronic anti-shake
  • Microphone included
  • Webcam functionality
  • HD touchscreen
  • Self-timer and face detection


  • Some individual parts can be a little flimsy
  • Remote has limited functionalities

5. Actinow Vlogging Camera

Actinow Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

If you are after quality videos and pictures, the Actinow Vlogging Camera should be a perfect choice for you are it records at full HD. Also, the images are good enough for any vlogger since the photo camera can record in JPEG resolution. With this camera, you can also be sure of maximum user convenience as it can pause in the middle of a recording.

Other convenient features to expect from this camera include its ability to record when charging, ensuring minimal downtimes for users. Additionally, the vlogging camera can work as a webcam to allow you to stream some fantastic quality videos. What’s more, the camera has a large 3-inch TFT screen and face detection technology.


  • Full HD video camera
  • Records when charging
  • Can pause when recording
  • Works as a webcam
  • Lare TFT screen
  • Face detection capability


  • The microphone picks up static

6. Lincom Tech HD WiFi Vlogging Camera

Lincom Tech HD WiFi Vlogging Camera Buy now from Amazon

Stability should never be an issue when using this Lincom Tech vlogging camera as it includes a foldable hand stabilizer that keeps things steady when recording. Additionally, this is a perfect camera for those looking for something they can connect to other devices wirelessly as it supports WiFi.

Since this camera comes with remote control, you can record videos or snap photos when blogging without ever having to touch it. What’s more, it includes infrared night shooting to make it easier to shoot in low light conditions. Other things like the lens hood for filtering the excess light and an external microphone make this an even more fantastic camera.


  • Foldable hand stabilizer
  • Support WiFi connection
  • Remote control
  • Infrared night shooting
  • Lens hood filters excess light
  • External microphone


  • Poor speaker quality
  • Zoom quality is not the best

7. Crosstour CT8500 Action Camera

Crosstour CT8500 Action Camera Buy now from Amazon

The 4K quality video recording is perhaps what many vloggers will love most about this camera as it ensures they always get the best quality recordings. However, there is still way much more to it than this. Also, the camera has an entirely waterproof casing that allows you to use it in wet environments or even underwater.

Additionally, this camera is meant for mounting on helmets, and it will include all the mounting hardware you need. Better yet, this camera has built-in WiFi to allow for wireless connectivity. Additionally, you can also connect it to your TV and other devices via HDMI. Better yet, there is an external microphone, and the camera also supports remote control.


  • Records 4K quality videos
  • Waterproof for underwater use
  • Anti-shake features for stability
  • Built-in WiFi
  • HDMI connectivity
  • External microphone and remote control


  • Charging port needs improvement

8. Melcam Video Camera

Melcam Video Camera Buy now from Amazon

Melcam Video Camera comes with an advanced microphone that ensures you always get the clearest and most stable sound when recording videos. Additionally, the camera also has an external remote control to ensure the operation is hands-free. Furthermore, it includes a protective lens hood that enhances the video’s quality by filtering out any excess light.

Selfie taking is guaranteed to be a notch higher with this camera as it has a face recognition function and smile capture. Other impressive functionalities that you get with this model include the capability to record when changing to minimize downtime and the pause function that allows you to stop recording and resume from where you left.


  • Advanced rechargeable microphone
  • Protective lens hood
  • Face recognition
  • Smile capture
  • Advanced sensors deliver high-quality videos
  • Records when charging


  • Battery life could be longer
  • No hand stabilizer

9. Lincom Tech V4G Ultra HD Camcorder

Lincom Tech V4G Ultra HD Camcorder Buy now from Amazon

Sound stability and clarity should not be an issue with the Lincom Tech V4G as it has an external microphone. Additionally, a lens hood on the camera will help filter out the excess light when recording. The screen can also be rotated up to 270-degrees to allow you to record from different angles and see what you are capturing.

With WiFi connectivity, you can quickly pair up the camera with various other devices to stream the videos or share them. Night and low light recording should be more effortless when using this camera as it includes infrared night vision. Another impressive feature is that the camera has a recording pause to allow you to continue from where you stop later.


  • Handy external mic
  • Lens hood filters excess light
  • Rotatable touchscreen
  • WiFi connection
  • Infrared night vision
  • Record pause function


  • Buttons seems a little hectic to figure out

10. ACTITOP Video Camera Camcorder

ACTITOP Video Camera Camcorder Buy now from Amazon

The multifunction ACTITOP Video Camera makes it a fantastic camera for your vlogs, and the functions range from a 270-degree screen to built-in fill light and face detection. The camera also includes an HDMI cable for an easy and stable connection to your TV and other devices. Also, the camera has infrared night vision for low-light recording.

With this camera, you also get a lens hood for filtering out any excess light to ensure you always get superior quality videos. Also, there is a foldable stabilizer on the camera that allows for more stable shooting. Because the camera also includes a remote control, you can operate it hands-free, which is highly convenient.


  • Multifunctional design
  • HDMI cable for easy connectivity
  • Infrared night vision
  • Lens hood and stabilizer included
  • Remote control for wireless operation
  • Sensitive external microphone


  • Digital menu can be hard to understand


If you are shopping for a cheap vlogging camera, it is vital to compare different brands and models before settling on one. But because there are countless models, you might not always have the time to comb the internet. The good news is that there is something for everything on our list above.

Overall, the Safe and Perfect 4K Camcorder is our best overall product and top recommendation as it delivers some amazing quality videos. However, the Aasonida 1080P Digital Vlogging Camera is also an excellent option, while the Actinow YouTube Vlogging Camera is perfect for those looking to spend the least amount of cash.


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