10 Best Soundbar for Samsung TV Reviews By Consumer Guide

Best Soundbar for Samsung TV

Although most modern Samsung TVs have an incredible and highly immersive sound output, you can still enhance it even further by investing in a good soundbar. These soundbars take the experience notch higher whether you are watching movies or even streaming music videos.

Not just any soundbar will work for your Samsung TV, so you need to choose something that suits its specifications. The good news is that soundbars are widely available, and different models are constantly coming into the market.

However, they will differ in everything, from the sound quality they provide to the connectivity options. Here we review a few of the best soundbars for Samsung TV to help you choose something that will take your listening experience a notch higher.

1. Samsung HW-T450 Soundbar

Samsung HW-T450 Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

Samsung HW-T450 is our best overall soundbar recommendation as it delivers in every aspect. One of the first things that make it such a fantastic model is that it provides a seamless Bluetooth connection that allows you to pair to your TV with much ease. Also, Bluetooth connection means you will never have to deal with unsightly cables all over your space.

When it comes to the sound output, one of the key elements that will impress most users is the rich, deep bass feel. Additionally, this soundbar offers sound optimization to ensure it always provides a sound that matches what you are watching or listening to. There is also an excellent game mode for gamers, and you can control it with the same remote control you use on your TV.


  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Deep rich bass
  • Optimized sound output
  • Convenient single remote control
  • Gaming mode available


  • No HDMI arc port

2. Wohome S05 Sound Bar

Wohome S05 Sound Bar Buy now from Amazon

This model is our recommendation if you want a more affordable soundbar for your Samsung TV that still delivers exceptional sound quality. However, besides Samsung, it can still work for various other smart, 4K, and HD TVs. Additionally, many users love that it has built-in subwoofers, as this ensures they always get a powerful bass.

There are also multiple connectivity options on this device because, besides Bluetooth, you also get all the standard wired connection options like AUX. Better yet, the soundbar supports 4 different sound modes, making it ideal for watching movies, sports, news, and music. Overall, the sound is loud enough and always crystal clear.


  • Highly affordable
  • Built-in subwoofers
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Wide TV compatibility
  • 4 sound modes
  • Loud and crystal clear sound


  • Does not work well for large TVs
  • Relatively shorter power cable

3. Samsung HW-J355 Wired Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-J355 Wired Audio Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

For the Samsung TV owners who prefer a more compact sound system that takes up less space in their home without compromising the quality of sound they get, this model is an ideal buy. Better still, the unit is wall mountable and comes with a mounting kit to make it even more convenient for the users.

When pairing it with your TV and even other devices, it is Bluetooth enabled, meaning you will not need to have several cables all over your space. The wireless connection is stable and seamless no matter what Samsung TV model you own. Also, the unit’s inputs provide more options, including Bluetooth and USB. What’s more, users love that the soundbar can be controlled via an app.


  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless connection
  • Wall mountable for user convenience
  • Different input options
  • Remote control via app
  • Compact and space-saving


  • Technology is a little outdated

4. Samsung HW-M360/ZA Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-M360/ZA Wireless Audio Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

The ability to pair with other speakers and even the TV wirelessly is the main highlight of this soundbar. It achieves this using stable and fast Bluetooth technology that makes the setup easier and ensures you get a neat connection as you will not have wires all over the room. However, users also love the sound quality as this system delivers exceptional quality surround sound.

As this unit also includes powerful built-in subwoofers, you are sure of always getting a powerful and deep enough bass. Setting up the sound system does not take a lot of time or effort. Once you have it in place, you can also be sure of an easy time when it comes to the controls, as you can quickly operate it via the mobile app.


  • Can pair with other speakers wirelessly
  • Fast and stable Bluetooth connectivity
  • High-quality surround sound
  • Rich and powerful bass
  • Mobile app control


  • Quality check is wanting
  • Could still be a little more powerful

5. Samsung Electronics Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung Electronics Wireless Audio Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

There are more than enough input options on this Samsung Electronics soundbar, which will ensure you can easily connect it to most devices. One of these inputs is a built-in USB host, which allows you to play MP3 music from a wide variety of sources. Like most other modern devices, the unit has seamless wireless TV connectivity.

Physically, the soundbar is designed to be more compact and space-saving, so it does not clutter your space. What’s more, it is also wall-mountable and comes with all the necessary hardware to ensure it uses up even less space. Overall, the setup is relatively straightforward, and there are only a few easy steps to follow.


  • Adequate input options
  • Conveniently wall-mountable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fairly compact design
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Built-in USB host


  • It could be louder

6. SAMSUNG HW-S60T Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-S60T Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

As homes get more intelligent, it is also essential to make sure your electronics can keep up with the changing times, and hence a soundbar with built-in Alexa like this one is perfect. With this model, you can easily control the device with voice commands, which is super convenient. Additionally, the sound system includes a side horn speaker and an acoustic beam to deliver a panoramic and room-filling sound that is highly impressive.

Overall, the system comes in a more elegant design that will be the perfect accent to your space to ensure besides getting a premium-quality sound, you can also add some elegance to the room. The soundbar has a unique music mode and adaptive modes that will fine-tune the sound to suit what you are listening to when it comes to the actual functionality. Since there is also a built-in subwoofer, you can be sure of always getting a deep, rich bass output.


  • Alexa is built-in for voice operation
  • Panoramic, room-filling sound
  • Elegant design spices up any room
  • Optimized music playing
  • Delivers a deep, rich bass
  • Convenient adaptive mode


  • Remote has a few minor flaws
  • The firmware update can be hectic

7. Samsung HW-N300 TV Mate Soundbar

Samsung HW-N300 TV Mate Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

Any device that includes Bluetooth like this soundbar will always give you an easy time when it comes to pairing it with your TV and other devices. Besides eliminating the need to have wires all over, this technology also helps ensure you get a more stable and reliable connection throughout. Also, this model takes things a notch higher by being app controllable as it can work via an app that works on both Android and Apple devices.

Surround sound expansion is another distinctive element of this device as it will expand your listening greatly and do it both sideways and up and down. This function ensures you always get high-quality sound output. Since this soundbar has a built-in woofer, it will deliver a rich and deep enough bass. Also, you can play your favorite tunes and music from other devices with ease since there is a built-in USB port.


  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • App controllable
  • Surround sound expansion
  • Built-in woofer
  • USB port included


  • No optical audio cable
  • The sound is a little scratchy

8. Samsung 200 Watt Sound Bar

Samsung 200 Watt Sound Bar Buy now from Amazon

With this 200-watt soundbar by Samsung, you can be sure of getting an exceptional sound output as it packs quite a punch. Furthermore, a wireless active subwoofer delivers a thundering bass output for all your shows and movies. Also, there is a handy sound share function to eliminate the need for a wired connection from the soundbar to the TV.

The overall setup is wire-free as this unit includes Bluetooth for stable wireless connectivity, ensuring you get a cleaner and clutter-free setup. Additionally, there is also an HDMI port to give you an even better entertainment experience. And with the slim metal design, this sound system takes up less space and looks attractive in your room.


  • Higher power output
  • Slim and attractive metal design
  • Simple wire-free setup
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Handy sound share function
  • The wireless subwoofer delivers a powerful bass


  • Getting the TV to control volume can be tricky

9. SAMSUNG HW-Q900T Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-Q900T Soundbar Buy now from Amazon

If you are watching out for authentic surround sound, this Samsung soundbar will be a fantastic choice for you. It makes use of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to capture every distinct sound as it flows around and above you for a truly 3D sound. Also, there is a wide range of speakers on each corner to ensure you get an expanded sound stage with audio from all angles.

Users will love that this system delivers a fuller and more immersive sound as it uses the breakthrough Q-symphony technology. What’s more, the sound is highly adaptive to ensure it is always customized to fit anything you listen to. And besides the remote control, this unit has a built-in Alexa for simple voice control.


  • True surround sound
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Sound is highly adaptive
  • Delivers an expanded sound stage
  • Fuller and more immersive sound
  • Superior craftsmanship


  • Does not allow for any speaker test

10. Samsung HW-N850 Sound Bar

Samsung HW-N850 Sound Bar Buy now from Amazon

When connecting your soundbar to the Samsung TV, you will be happy to have the Samsung HW-N850 as the manufacturer makes it to deliver a seamless connection. The system is WiFi-enabled, which means you get to enjoy a highly stable wireless connection and play music from various devices without ever needing wired connections.

This soundbar uses DTS:X and Dolby Atmos technologies to deliver an exceptional and object-based sound. Better yet, the soundbar is Alexa-enabled to ensure you can quickly and easily control it using voice prompts. Additionally, there is a total of 13 speakers that include upward and side-firing ones to ensure you get exceptional sound all around you.


  • Seamless connectivity
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Alexa-compactible for voice operation
  • Object-based sound
  • Upward and side-firing speakers included


  • A pretty large and bulky soundbar


A soundbar provides the best way to enhance your Samsung TV’s sound output. Hence, for a truly immersive experience, whether you are listening to music or watching movies, you need to have one, and our comprehensive list above should provide more than enough recommendations.

However, to help ease your choice further, the Samsung HW-T450 Soundbar is our best overall recommendation. But, if you are looking to spend the least amount of cash, the Wohome S05 Sound Bar is a perfect match for you.


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